The local brand Karkonoska Marka Lokalna – Treasures of the Mountain Spirit – IS THE ESSENCE OF THIS REGION!

KarkonoskaMarka Lokalna

The LOCAL BRAND KARKONOSKA MARKA LOKALNA “Treasures of the Mountain Spirit” has been operating since 2015. It associates food producers and artisans involved in the development of the region in which they live and from which they are proud. With passion and conviction, they joined in creating the brand and defining its character. The local brand Karkonoska Marka Lokalna is piloted by Partnerstwo Ducha Gór (Mountain Spirit Partnership) LAG – a non-governmental social trust organisation for which the creation of regional products and brand is a mission. The local brand Marka Lokalna created by a non-governmental organisation means great care for tradition, authenticity, quality, as well as social justice principles. The local brand Karkonoska Marka Lokalna “Treasures of the Mountain Spirit” is the guarantor of a local product protected by law, based on tradition or specificity of the places which offer these product.



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The gallery of the local product “TREASURES OF THE MOUNTAIN SPIRIT” is a place where you can find unique local handicraft and souvenirs inspired by surrounding nature, landscape and the tradition of the Land of the Mountain Spirit.

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